Habitate Center - Delhi
Habitate Center – Delhi

About Artist

This indian artist born in Madhya pradesh, Onkar switched from being a designer to taking up painting as his career. His interest in visual art led him to pursue painting. His art led him to travel widely—he lived and worked in Delhi for a few years and then moved to Dehradoon 2019.

However, like most other influential Indian artists, he became part of the Progressive Artists’ movement back home in Indian village. From everyday subjects that were uniquely Indian, he refined his works to depict spirituality through Gods and Goddesses derived from Hindu Mythology.

Kushwaha, like his contemporaries, formed a visual language that was steeped in western and Indian traditions. Having showcased his art in a number of countries and won several prestigious awards, Kushwaha remains one of the most notable and influential figures in Indian Art.

Inspire by ananta mandal 


Onkar Kushwaha