Lolita- Story of a Broken Diamond
Lolita Diamond

Lolita- Story of a Broken Diamond


This is a story of a young n beautiful girl. Passionate and dreamy girl. Who fight against family and love for his dreamy and facinated life style. In this way she left his town and moved to Paris, LANDON.

Behind her, his lover also cames to parise in the search of Lolita. And after some struggle he find her, and ask – Let get back to out town.
But she was ready to ride on the ladder of success. So she refused to get back and ask his love to go back. And he come back to his town. Before return back, he gives her a good luck locket.

She enjoys the lifestyle of fasion world. and gradully when time pass and the glow of success becomes fade. She trap in the fassion world.

This news fly to his town and his love comes again to the city. He find the lolita in worse situation. He struggle there for LOLITA. During this the Love losthis life for LOLITA. At last Lolita become free for her all debt and problems at the cost of her love. After that lolita left Parise for forever to never returned back. The diamond has been crack but now close to her heart for rest of his life.


The city of love, Paris City snached the love from LOLITA. Now she will never ever put a step in the way which ahead to the city of love [Parise, LONDON].